sitting on the patio

Denver Life: Sitting on the Patio Getting Some Work Done

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It never ceases to amaze me how little people know about Colorado. Many people think that we’re constantly getting snowed in, freezing cold, and dealing with blizzards every other week. Well, for the winter of 2017-2018 that was not the case. And, in general, that’s not the case. The weather is temperate, the skies are almost always blue, and the sun shines…a lot. In fact, it’s so sunny and dry here that a friend of mine who moved here from Alaska is moving to Oregon because she misses cloudiness and rain. I love this weather. More often than not, you will find me sitting on a patio enjoying the beautiful weather and trying to get some work done.

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Denver Life

Is best explained by the following adjectives: languid, chill, and a bit spastic. This explains our love of patios. In fact, you will find patios at most restaurants, coffee shops, and any business that can make it happen. For me, Denver patios remind me of when I lived in Paris. But, with bigger dogs.

I  love it when someone randomly asks a question and then we end up in a conversation about who knows what. There is no expectation, or freaking out happening, these are just unexpected moments of human connection that happen almost every time I find myself enjoying a beautiful patio in Denver.


Is one of my favorite coffee shop patios. It’s the sister business of Vert that gets a ton of local love for its incredible food. Both are connected by a lovely little patio. In fact, Overt doesn’t have any indoor space (so, don’t go there thinking you will hangout inside-you won’t be able to). But, that doesn’t detract from Overt’s appeal.

Besides offering great coffee, the service is superb. In a low-key way, and the people who work there are fun to get to know. This small business also has grab and go items that you may find around Denver.

I love this place.

During the weekend it’s a little hectic (especially during the warmer months) but, I try to go during slightly off times.

Listening to the water trickle from the small fountain in the courtyard. Letting the sun hit my face (don’t worry I wear sunblock) and playing with the small white dog that makes an appearance from time to time. The dog belongs to the owner of the building.

From time to time I accidentally become a part of other people’s conversations. It’s a small space and people sometimes talk loudly. And, every time a gorgeous plate of food is brought to someone’s table I add that dish to my list of things that I have to try.

Sitting on the Patio

In Denver, it’s a huge part of how I enjoy my life here. And, it reminds me of when I lived in Paris. When I lived in Paris I would enjoy a beautiful cup of coffee, a delicious pastry or meal, and just enjoyed the day. It’s wonderful to relax and embrace the day.

One of my favorite things to do during the warmer months is to ride my bike to new a new restaurant, coffee shop, or venue, grab a drink, meal (or both) and hangout for awhile in that new space. I’m looking forward to going to Zeppelin Station sometime soon and sampling all of the great food that they have there.

What’s your favorite patio in Denver/Boulder?