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Dear Governor Polis

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The following podcast episode is an audio letter to our newly elected governor: Jared Polis. All opinions are my own and I love it when you don’t agree. I ended up re-recording this episode and I’ll mention why shortly.

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Dear Governor Polis,

Congratulations on your recent gubernatorial win. Well, it’s not so recent anymore. After everyone making a big deal that you’re, ahem, gay, it was awesome to see you redefine the conversation and refocus citizens on the fact that you’re running the state. First, I would like to begin with what is going well.

And, so far, I like what I see.

I love that you signed all day kindergarten into law. And, even though I would have preferred that it was mandated, I like that you gave districts a way to opt-out, recognizing that not everyone would go for it.

Caping insulin at $100 also was fantastic and I love kicking big pharma in the metaphorical nuts (or their wallets).

And, deciding to re-route the highway around the newly designated Memorial Rock (saving the state money) was an bold move. I need to check that big ass rock out.

Here’s what I would like to see moving forward.

Better access to the mountains via public transportation. I love, love, love Bustang, but I’m convinced that we could increase service at least during the summer and winter months and keep things normal during the fall and spring.

Still transportation related, for the love of all that is Holy, we have go to figure out a way to pay for our roads. I know that the Tabor Amendment has placed a lot of constraints on us…but, we’ve got to figure this out. And, as a side-note…I love driving on US 36 now.

Healthcare is expensive on the Western Slope and beyond. I feel like we need to approach this issue with innovation vs. regulation. Do we need roving healthcare vans staffed with Doctors and Physician Assistants focused on preventative care?

We’ve got to figure this out

You’ve got to “Date the State” you’re welcome to use this idea-just give me a shoutout. Basically, I think it would be a great idea to spend a week or two during each season living in a different corner of our state. No, I don’t mean the quick drive-by visit.

What I mean is scheduling meaning connections that take place over a week and experience the lifestyle that citizens outside of the cities are living.

Housing is insane. I’m not sure what can be done, but we’ve got to more aggressively work to build affordable housing units vs. the surplus of luxury housing units being built.

And, what kind of work is everyone doing to afford those places?

Finally, just because you can push your agenda…doesn’t mean you should without giving the other side (Republicans) a chance to air out their grievances and concerns.

Huge kudos to you for speaking at the Western Conservatives Summit. You will be the first Democratic Governor to do so. This is a huge deal because without dialogue there is nothing.

I would love for Colorado to show the nation that we’re able to legislate ethically and are comfortable giving the other side the opportunity to speak…even when we don’t like that.

Be better.

I look forward to watching you do what you do as you represent this great Square State.

An Informed Citizen,

Michelle Jackson-Chief Charm Officer