Dear Mayor Hancock

Dear Mayor Hancock

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The following podcast episode is an audio letter to Denver’s Mayor-Mr. Michael Hancock. The Letters to the Top series is a an opportunity for me to voice my concerns about the state as well as what I’m loving. The first episode in the series is “Dear Mayor Hancock.”

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Show Notes: Dear Mayor Hancock

  • Congratulations on your win, I know it wasn’t easy.
  • Denver has become a vibrant city filled with endless possibilities
  • Anything feels possible.
  • We have incredible resources such as: Denver Start Up Week, The Commons on Champa, Women of Denver, Women Who Startup, and House of Pod
  • We love to have fun-The National Western Stock Show, Denver Greek Festival, Concerts at Red Rocks, Pride, and the Juneteenth celebration are just a few of the opportunities we use to get together
  • There are so many work opportunities.
  • There are some issues-The Homeless problem has become a serious situation in Denver. I’m uncomfortable going to certain places depending on the time of day.
  • Denver is dirty-now, this is partly because we actually use and live in the downtown area of the city.
  • Tagging on all of the buildings
  • Small businesses struggling to stay staffed
  • The rising cost of housing (which also affects staffing)
  • Traffic sucks
  • What I love-Kids and Baby Boomers getting free access to the recreation center
  • Free events all of the time being hosted throughout the city
  • The expansion of the lightrail-even though it feels painfully slow at times
  • The overall positive mood of the city
  • Businesses moving their headquarters to Denver and surrounding suburbs.

Overall grade: B

Signed a Denver Citizen,

Michelle Jackson-Square State


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