Crush Walls

Crush Walls the Perfect Event During COVID

One of the most devastating aspects of life during a pandemic is the loss of unique experiences that make life fun. I feel this loss most acutely when I want to do something that celebrates the arts. The theaters are closed, concerts are basically shuttered for the next year and dance performances are now relegated to Dancing with the Stars which awkwardly enough includes Carol Baskins of Tiger King fame. Where’s your husband Carol? So, when Crush Walls started advertising that it was still happening I was so excited about it and this event continues to be one of the best art focused events hosted in Denver and rightfully deserves the praise that it gets.

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Show Notes

  • Denver isn’t a crazy city. In fact, it’s a consistently chill town with splashes of crazy energy. During COVID it has been quieter than I would like and it’s been a bit unnerving.
  • It also has been months since I’ve gone to a bar, attended a concert, gone to an indoor exercise class, or visited a museum.
  • Crush Walls, an annual mural event held in the RINO/Five Points neighborhood ended up being just what the doctor ordered during this time. In fact, Crush Walls ended up being the perfect event during a pandemic.
  • This year I spent almost 4 hours roaming around the streets of RINO discovering new murals. I found the murals this year to be an exciting celebration of futuristic energy, women as the main muse, vibrant color and political statements.
  • Crush Walls was a perfect event for 2020 because it was held outdoors. The only difference from last year was that 99% of the attendees wore masks and tried to be socially distant as they rode, walked, explored the allies and walls of RINO.
  • I love that this event is free and my only complaint about this year’s Crush Walls is that there was a lot of trash in the RINO area. It just felt like no one had cleaned that area during lockdown.
  • One of my favorite murals was in a newly discovered park, Rino Art Park, located one block from Brighton Blvd. I must admit I was shocked to find a new park. But the mural is incredible.
  • I love how murals as art has caught on in Denver and the state of Colorado and enjoy how these murals have democratized access to art throughout the city.
  • I’ll admit that I’ve already penciled in Crush Walls onto my calendar for 2021. Have you gone? Which mural was your favorite?