Random Denver Art-Graffiti (not tagging!)

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For some reason I can’t explain, I love seeking out amazing graffiti in the different towns that I visit. And, no, I’m not talking about tagging, those annoying random squiggles that show up on people’s businesses and homes over night.

I’m talking about counter culture art that might be becoming a little mainstream…but still, I have this image of skater boarder dudes with hats turned backwards and saggy paints squinting with concentration trying to create something beautiful on a space that they have gotten permission to use.

These works of art come in various colors, usually huge in scope, and a surprise to the casual wanderer along a quiet street.

Close to the RINO (River North)are there is one such place that I found after a day of mindlessly riding my bike around town. I was with a friend who was about to leave town for a year and we couldn’t believe what we found. It was-amazing!

Music played from a nearby spin studio and the typical alley smells drifted up to greet us.

It Didn’t Matter

This shit was cool. What did it MEAN? Who knows I just thought about the time, the vision and the level of patience it took to create this type of art in an open space, free for all to see and judge.

Denver Art Is All Over The Place!

There are also portraits painted on garage doors, surprising pep talk on the sides of buildings, and just a thriving culture of random Denver street art to be found all around town.

Art, is suppose to create a conversation and to a certain degree, tap into an emotion: loathing, love, hate, or sadness. I find that I’m a little bit jealous of the talent that it takes to create some of these works of art.

There’s other art around Denver that I can’t wait to share.