How to Support Colorado Local Businesses

How to Support Colorado Local Business During COVID

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There are moments right now when I feel helpless when thinking about how COVID is affecting our cities, states, and country. Regardless of whether or not you believe COVID is real, a longer-term conversation has emerged from this situation that conversation centers around how we can better support the small businesses that make our towns unique. One of the main aspects of Square State’s mission is to uplift and support Colorado local businesses, cool initiatives, and share the interesting people who make Colorado, Colorado. In this episode I’ll share 8 ways that YOU can support Colorado local businesses, it’s not as hard as you think.

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Show Notes

Right now, I’m enjoying a lovely cup of coffee from Steam Coffee Shop’s beautiful back patio. Not only do I love the quality of the coffee, I love the atmosphere. It’s nice to know that my weekly trips help this wonderful local businesses’ bottom line. It seems like a small thing, but over time that cup of coffee and their delicious fresh pressed green juice adds up overtime and I’m fine with it.

  • Set the Intention-Go through your spending and look for opportunities to spend locally. Here are examples of where you could switch to purchasing products from a local business. Here are some places where you can make the switch.
    1. Self-Care Services-Do you need your nails or eyelashes done?
    2. Massage?
    3. Cleaning Services
    4. Fresh produce or bread?
  • Shout Out and Tag businesses on social media! This is a quick and easy thing to do. Basically, you’re giving businesses providing great services, delicious food, or cool products a testimonial and free advertising when shouting them out.
  • Ask the following question “How Can We Help You?” I’ve made it a point to ask what businesses are needing help with. Sometimes it’s different than what you would expect. Businesses may need the following:
    • Connections
    • Marketing
    • Staff
    • Tech support
  • Buy gift cards-The holidays are just around the corner and birthdays are always happening. Gift cards are a great way to treat the people in your life to a new to them company/product/service. In fact, there was an incredible story of someone purchasing over $30,000 in gift cards in the Bonnie Brae area when the pandemic first hit and anonymously distributing the cards to their neighbors.
  • Support Local Markets-There are a number of mini markets cropping up across town.
    • Market on Penn organized by Uncle Ramen Noodle shop located on Bayaud and Pennsylvania is a good one.
    • Rise Westwood Collective-Northside/Highlands depending on who you ask.
  • Give Constructive Feedback-When ASKED. If you’re given a survey or asked by a business what they could do better, give thoughtful feedback.
  • Interview business owners on your podcast/vlog/or active Facebook page. These are win/win marketing opportunities that can also support what you’re doing.
  • Connect business with resources. One of the most frustrating aspects of the PPP and Cares Act process was the number of business owners who were missed because they didn’t have the information that they needed in order to request grants, etc.
    • Local Facebook group communities focused on business are huge for resource and product shouts outs. Information on space rentals and collaboration connections.
  • Create and collaborate on lower cost pop up experiences such as the night market being held at the Fort Green Bar Saturday and Sunday evenings during Labor Day weekend.
  • Offer your space or parking lot
  • Tell local news contacts about
    • Cool products
    • Projects
    • Initiatives

It is has been found in numerous studies on local spending that the impact is wide ranging within a community.