Fun and Frugal Activities

25 Fun and Frugal Activities to Do in Denver

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It’s becoming painfully clear that the winter of 2017/2018 is not going to show up in Denver. I’ve made peace with that reality and now am looking forward to Spring and Summer Shenanigans. Because I’m still kicking my debt to the curb, I thought it would be fun to create a list of fun and frugal activities to do in Denver.

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Fun and Frugal Activities

It’s amazing to me to see all of the incredible resources we have available to us in Denver. From the arts, fitness, sporting events, and foodie activities, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Here’s a list of frugal activities that I enjoy during the warmer months. This list is by no means a complete list of all of the things that I like to do. Think of it as a starter list.

  • Little Free Library Hunt-Denver has a ridiculous number of Little Free Libraries. I’ve seen a Tardis, home replicas, and even a home replica with their dog in front. One of my favorite things in Denver is the Little Free Library obsession that has taken over the town. Each time I’m riding my bike, walking, or driving around I seem to find a new one. And, I purposely choose not to write down where they are. It’s fun to rediscover a library when you least expect it.


  • Meetups-Denver’s meetups are incredible. There is a Meetup group for every type of person and interest. I’ve gone to mixology classes (free) hiking and more via Meetup. During my car free days I was even able to carpool with other participants. Love Meetup! Check it out today.


  • Check Out the Murals-One of the best things about Denver is its embracing of murals. I can’t get enough of them. And, they aren’t just in the RINO district. Incredible murals can be found in almost every single neighborhood in town.


  • Volunteer with Denver Start Up Week-One of the coolest events in town! In 2017 they had Mark Cuban and Casey Neistat as guests. It’s an incredible FREE weeklong event that connects startups, business people, with resources, and one another.

Most of These are Free 🙂

  • Movies at Infinity Park-Soon there will be free movies at the park. I’m hoping that they will show Black Panther. Keeping fingers crossed!


  • Movies on the Rocks-There is nothing better than watching a movie at Red Rocks. Last year I saw The 5th Element. The only downside-sometimes crazy weather rolls through. If you’re going to watch a movie make sure you prepare accordingly. Had a great time. And, this event usually begin at the beginning of June.


  • Yoga in the Park-Free yoga is one of the best types of yoga. And, doing your practice first thing in the morning in the Sunken Gardens on a Sunday morning is a great way to get your shavasana on.


  • Coffee at Rosebud Cafe-The same coffee shops always seem to get on the “best of” lists. If you’re looking for new coffee shops, try out this lovely space near Speer and Logan.


  • $5 Yoga at Shine BoutiqueAwesome! The last time I attended it was a hip hop yoga class. The best part was when everyone started rapping. This boutique is unique for its community vibe, salon, and no sizes!


  • $10 Veggie Bag at the Pearl Street Farmer’s Market-I love to always buy Colorado. Really. I do. But, sometimes you’re rocking a budget and the $10 veggie bag is a great way to eat healthy for less. There is an art to stuffing the bag, but, seasoned pros have it down to a science. You also get to wander up and down the market. It’s officially my favorite farmer’s market in Denver.


  • Bike to/from Denver/Boulder-There is a bike path that you can ride between Denver and Boulder. It’s officially on my list for this year. And, I’m looking forward to riding my bike from Sheridan to Boulder. Make sure you have your Colorado kit with you!


  • Go Hiking-I can’t get enough of hiking. There’s nothing like exploring Colorado by foot. In fact, I enjoy hiking year around and especially look forward to the wildflower hikes. It’s a frugal activity, but you do need to factor in gas.


  • $4 Rockpile Tickets-Opening Day is coming soon! There’s nothing better than watching a great baseball game. Fortunately, the Rockpile is pretty cheap.


  • Watch Fireworks-Different organizations will have fireworks displays. Specifically: The Rockies, The Rapids, and occasionally the City and County of Denver. Check when these fireworks displays will go off and that’s a fun and frugal date night.


  • Start a Podcast-I have a podcast called “Square State” but Denver and the state of Colorado needs more people to start sharing their shows!


  • Hangout in the 41st and Tennyson Shopping district-This area is officially one of my favorite parts of Denver. And, most new arrivals and tourists have no idea about these local spaces.


  • Food Hall Mania-We now have a ridiculous number of great places to eat. And, the food hall craze has taken over the city. I can’t wait for the Dairy Block Food Hall opening sometime this year.
    • Zeppelin Station
    • Stanley Marketplace (technically in Aurora)
    • Avanti
    • The Source-F.Y.I. their new hotel is about to open in May
    • The Denver Central Market


  • 32nd and Lowell-Another cozy part of Denver that a lot of people don’t know about.


  • Downtown Littleton-I absolutely love taking the light rail to downtown Littleton. It’s fun to window shop, have a nice meal, and then hop back onto the light rail.


  • Old Towne Arvada-Like everyone else, I wondering when that G-Line will begin running. Old Towne is a great area to eat, drink, and chill out.


  • University Lecture Series-There are several universities in and around Denver. They all have incredible free lectures and personal development resources. At least once a month I attend an event at a university. Free…usually with lunch included.


  • The November Project-Daylight Savings just messed up my plan to begin working out (for free) with The November Project. They basically use the city as their gym. The work outs are INTENSE but you get hot sweaty hugs when you’re finished. Just warning you now. And, a lot of encouragement.


  • Dikeou Collection-Many people have no idea where this art collection is housed. And, the hours are a little wonky. But, the art is awesome. And, it’s free.


  • 1st Fridays-My favorite 1st Fridays to attend are the ones when the main street is closed off. They’ve gotten so popular that it’s difficult to walk on the sidewalks.


  • Hangout in Boulder-I really enjoy spending the day in Boulder. Typically I like to go hiking for the day, get a meal, and then go for a coffee. Ok, a day in Boulder is the most expensive thing on this list. It will hit your wallet for around $25 bucks.

What would you have on your list of frugal activities in Denver?

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