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Chef Driven TV Show: Colorado Foodies Rejoice!

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For some reason, the idea that Denver has bad (or boring) food still persists. I do understand why, I grew up when Colorado food was good…but kind of boring. I mean, how many steaks can a person eat? Even good ones! For a really longtime one of the reasons I thought about moving was food.

I am a foodie. I live to eat, I don’t eat to live. I enjoy shopping for food, cooking food, eating it, and making food for others. Discovering new morsels to eat,ingredients to use, and regions of food is something that I embrace and take seriously. So, for a longtime Denver was a challenging food city to live in as it just wasn’t a food city.

Not Anymore!

Finally, we are able to find amazing locally sourced, innovative, and high quality foods in almost every city or town that you would visit while here. It is with this history in mind that had me ecstatically watching a new food show on PBS about Colorado food called Chef Driven(this is not a sponsored post).

The minute that I watched this show I knew I was hooked. Frank Bonnano of Bonanno Concepts now has a great show about Colorado food. I truly enjoyed watching it (except for the shrinking car sound for switching scenes). My first episode happened to be the one where Frank visits Colorado Correctional Industries’ food cultivation program. It’s unbelievable how big (and inventive) the program is.

The irony that an East Coast transplant sharing our wonderful state hasn’t been missed!  In fact, I think having a chef of Frank Bonnano’s calibre who is not originally from the state of Colorado is a huge deal. I feel like it lends a legitimacy and East Coast swagger to our town’s food scene.

I love the Chef Driven TV show because not only is it well produced and shows beautiful made food, I find it to be an accurate representation of Colorado life.

We’re not pretentious, we still wear jeans all of the time! We love chilling out with friends and family and enjoying the outdoors. And, shockingly, we love to eat good food.

For a longtime I considered moving. The food was boring, there wasn’t a lot to do here, and then something happened. years and years of hard work on behalf of: business leaders, politicians, and residents have transformed Colorado to a cosmopolitan international hub that has a ton to offer.

We aren’t are afraid to try new, inventive concepts  and that lack of fear is encouraging a growing number of culinary badasses to return to Colorado or to settle here and add additional depth and flavor to our food scene.

Frank Bonnano is definitely one of the stars of the Denver food scene. I’ve had the pleasure of eating at several of his restaurants: Vesper (love it!!), Bones, Wednesday’s Pie (miss the store front in Baker), Russell’s Smokehouse, and had a drink or two at the Green Russell. While I would say the price point is a teensy bit higher than I would like (Larimer Square rents) I continue to return to these restaurants and love them every time I go.

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