Let’s be honest, Colorado used to be a food desert. A place of unimaginative and boring food where the most exciting item on any menu was a Denver omelette or a really good steak (the steak has always been good). And, to add insult to injury, we have a underwhelming amount of good Mexican food despite our proximity to Mexico. For a foodie, living in Colorado has been hard…until now. Food is finally good in Colorado.


Is experiencing what I can only call: a resurgence, awakening, or, an epic moment. It is a great time to be a foodie in Colorado. It feels like we’re up for anything and that people, finally, finally have the palates to appreciate good food. There is a bit of a trick to finding good food consistently in Colorado:

  • Talk to other foodies-if you have friends who enjoy good food ask them where they go out to eat.
  • 5280 and Westword’s best of lists-Google the lists for the past 2 years and then go for it.
  • Eat local-Don’t get me wrong, there are national chains that make good food but there are so many local chefs creating beautiful and regional sourced food that it would be a shame to miss out on their greatness.
  • It’s a Secret-there are secret food experiences that you can have around the state. In Denver and Boulder there a number of cooking events that you sign up to receive monthly updates on cool events.
  • Harvest Week Dinners-Every October there are a number of venues that share incredible dinners celebrating the harvest.
  • Denver Restaurant Week-February 24-March 5, 2017. Enjoy 3-5 course meals at a hugely discounted price. Check out the different restaurants that you’ve heard about for less.

Great Foods that I Find on a Regular Basis

  • Truffles and Truffle salt
  • Great olive oil
  • Good bread
  • Kimchi (fresh)
  • Good cheeses-I used to live in France, I have a palate for good cheese. We have it here.
  • Great coffee
  • Local lamb

And then, there is the experimental food, the regional foods, ethnic food, and the I can’t believe we’re eating this in DENVER food!

I’m also in love with the food hall concepts that have opened up: The Source and Central Market Denver. I can’t wait for Stanley Marketplace in the Stapleton neighborhood sometime this fall. In fact, there are so many great places to eat I’m overwhelmed by all of the choices.

There are even James Beard awards winners in our midst as well. Some other cool food concepts of note:

  • American Cultures Tap Room-love kombucha? Go to the tap room and taste a number of your favorite blends.
  • Pho Real! I love Uncle-I haven’t gone in awhile but the food is so freaking good.
  • The PreserveryA cool community/food/and music concept. I had a great lunch there the other day. (RINO)
  • HMart-The ultimate in international grocery experiences. I’ve only gone to the location in Aurora. Pick up fresh fish, kimchi, or fruits and vegetables.
  • Bramble and Hare-The most Boulder of Boulder restaurants. I love this place.

I’m so excited to check out more cool places and share them with you. Can’t wait.




10 Items for Your Next Trip to Denver

Until I went to college in New York State I was always confused by the fact that everyone thought that Denver was in the middle of the mountains. That it was always snowing and that it was endlessly cold. It really confused me, until I was watching the news one day and finally figured it out. Denver always gets the tight shot on the news. Then, there is an epically beautiful panned shot of the mountains. I finally got it, people are convinced that Denver is in the mountains.

Plan a Trip to Denver

Denver is not in the mountains. On your trip to Denver you’ll find this out.  In fact, it’s about an hour’s (fast) drive to the base of the mountains. I thought I should warn you. That said, when you visit there are some very important items that you should bring or you’ll find yourself running around town trying to buy stuff instead of enjoying yourself.

Water Bottle

Denver, Boulder and all points West are a minimum of 5,280 feet above sea level. The air is dry, crisp, and arid. You will see people (who live here) walking around with bottles of water EVERYWHERE. With good reason. It’s freaking dry here and you are at risk of dehydrating. Coloradans will kindly advise, remind, IMPLORE you to drink water while you are here because we know what can happen. Just believe me and pack a nice Collapsible Water Bottle * for your trip. You’ll thank me later.


You will see people with backpacks everywhere. In fact, it seems as if everyone is running, walking fast, or biking while carrying who knows what in their backpacks. I used to carry lunch, my exercise gear, and my water bottles in my backpack. As well as a change of shoes. Be prepared for fun hikes in the mountains, long walks around town, and day trips to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. You’ll be happy that you brought your backpack when you visit. You’ll also be somewhat bemused by your friends newfound enthusiasm for all of these activities since they moved to Colorado.

Chapstick and Lotion

I’ve already warned you that you should drink lots of water while here. I failed to mention that your skin will be incessantly dry, and that your lips will immediately be leached of all moisture upon exiting Denver International Airport. Your lips will then begin to crack with hours of roaming around which every beautiful city that you decide to visit. Your skin will be so dry that you will feel it becoming taught with the tightness that happens when your skin gets too dry. If you are from a humid environment you won’t know what hit you and it will be incredibly unpleasant. Bring lotion. That’s all I can tell you.

Sunblock and Sunglasses

It is sunny here. The kind of sunny that is referenced to in songs about California-even though we may get more sun. The sun on a hot day can hurt your eyes and make your skin burn. Remember we are at least a mile above sea level. Also, I don’t care what color you are-wear sunblock (especially if you move here) your skin and your future self will thank you.

Hiking Items

I can almost guarantee that you’ll be taken on at least one hike if you’re here for at least a week. Ask my friends!  Make sure you have the following items:

  • Garmin-In case you get lost.
  • Beanie*The weather in the mountains can change pretty quickly.
  • Fleece-You may get hot and cold during the same hike.
  • Hiking boots-Your feet will thank you.

Check your home to see what you already have, borrow from friends, or feel free to pick up these items so that you have a much more comfortable stay while your here. The non-negotiables are the lotion/chapstick/and sunglasses.

What Do You Wish You’d Brought With You

The Last Time You Visited?


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Moving To Colorado? A Free Guide

Colorado Luv Hub is actually my second blog. My first one is a personal finance and lifestyle site called The Shop My Closet Project (TSMCP). So, what does one have to do with the other?

I wrote a post on TSMCP about people wanting to move to Colorado  and not really understanding the full reality of what to expect. Some things that were in that post included the following:

  • It’s more expensive than you think
  • There IS an emphasis on living an active lifestyle
  • It’s challenging to find work

Things I didn’t mention:

  • Major industries in Colorado
  • Information on the different towns throughout the state
  • We don’t all smoke pot-but do support people’s right to have the freedom to do what they want.

I then began to notice after publishing that post that people were finding my blog post when searching to find out if it was good to move to Colorado without a job, money, or basically a plan.

In fact, that post is one of my most well read posts on TSMCP.

But, I began to get concerned by the sheer number of people who seemed to just want to float to Colorado and live the dream. Because we are living the dream. Before you embrace it there are some things you need to consider-so I wrote a short guide book and hopefully it will give you some guidance and food for thought before you take the leap.
It is a truly amazing time to live in Colorado and if you’re lucky enough to live here I know you will love it to!

Colorado Luv Hub’s Guide To Moving To Colorado

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Sorry For The Delay and Rediscovering Denver!

I originally thought of this site several years ago.  At that time, I was bogged down, depressed, and just trying to get my head above water. I was also about 6 1/2 years into what would end up being a ten year super commute.

As you could imagine something had to give, so I stopped working on this project and continued working on The Shop My Closet Project and I am glad that I did that.

The thing is, when you commute for as long as I did, you start to get out of the loop. At the end of last year I decided to quit my job, go to Hawaii and Australia to recharge my batteries and begin working for myself.  At the same time I launched this project and am so glad that I did. But, after being overseas, ending a long-term job, and just completely changing life I needed a little more time to get a feeling for how I want this project to manifest itself.

I’m sorry for the delay in new articles! I knew so many things about Denver, Boulder,  and Colorado, but things have changed so much that I am feeling like I’ve moved to a new city.


It has been a blast walking around town , discovering new places, watching winter, ease into spring, and getting a better feel for the pulse of the city.

As I wander around I am struck by the energy, the excitement, the innovation, and good food that is now here.

There are fabulous coffee shops, cool places to shop, and fun spins on old concepts. The people (for the most part) seem to be enjoying life and the lifestyle that you comes with living in a state like Colorado.

But, We Can Do Better

I want to be clear, there are things that I don’t like. I am concerned about affordable homes and the difficulty finding them, Denver (like most U.S. cities) has a visible homeless population and we are struggling to figure out the best way to manage it.

As the city of Denver gentrifies populations of color are moving to neighboring Aurora and leaving Denver, and there is a growing problem with graffiti that is driving me crazy. I do know that the Mayor of Denver has worked on this issue, but I think that there is more that can be done. I also am not in love with fracking and am keeping an eye on how fracking  and how it affects the environment.

Despite all of these concerns, I am so blessed to call Colorado home and I look forward to eventually raising my family here. So, I look forward to sharing a changing and growing Colorado with my readers,  and would also like to connect with people from all over the state to give a balanced and more comprehensive idea of what living in Colorado is all about.  I appreciate your patience and am excited to share my wonderful state with you!

Sorry For the Delay



15 Reasons Why Australians Will Love Colorado

Currently, I am visiting the wonderful country of Australia. I have a number of Australian friends who have visited Colorado a number of times and I had the opportunity to visit them this year so I jumped at the opportunity.

As I traveled specifically between Sydney and Melbourne I took every opportunity to speak with people to find out more about their country and to see if they had ever visited America.

Nine times out of ten people would say to me the following when I asked them if they had visited the U.S.  “Yes, I’ve been to L.A. and New York City.”

Now, I don’t know about you but the U.S. is a HUGE country with so many amazing places that it stunned me to consider how much of  the rest of the country was being missed.

As I continued to travel around Australia I came up with the following:

15 Reasons Why Australians Will Love Colorado

Sorry California, you’re great…but, all of you are moving to Colorado. Which tells me that maybe we have more to offer with the exception of cold beaches. Australians aren’t you bored going to L.A. and San Francisco? While Denver isn’t super cheap by U.S. standards , you will still receive good value for your dollar while you’re here.

  • Micro Breweries-If you like beer this is your place. We are second behind Portland, Oregon for the number of micro breweries. In fact, we love beer so much we hold The Great Beer Festival every September. This event is so popular that it sells out the day the tickets go on sale.
  • Brunch-We love a good brunch! There are tons of fantastic places to go eat brunch and if it’s warm enough you can also eat outside on the patio or rooftop if your restaurant has one. Try a Bloody Mary or bottomless mimosa while you’re at it!
  • We Love A Good Party-We love any reason to party: St. Patrick’s Day, Frozen Dead Guy Days, Comic Con Denver, Zombie Crawls, Tour de Fat, and the list goes on.
  • We’re Sporty-We love being active.  You will always see people: running, riding their bikes, going to gyms, going to yoga, skiing, walking, or rock climbing.
  • Mountains-The mountains are gorgeous to look at and fun to explore. No visit to Colorado would be complete without a few days hanging out in a mountain town. Two of my favorite mountain towns are: Crested Butte and Breckenridge
  • Good Local Coffee-Yes, we have a ton of Starbucks-but, we also have a ton of local coffee shops that pour great coffee. Ignore Starbucks and head to Ink! or Dazbog coffee shops (Ink! is my favorite)
  • Sports Galore-If there is a professional sports team to be had-we have it! We have professional teams for: Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Football, and U.S. Rugby is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. We also host a number of world class athletic events from the U.S. Pro Cycling Challenge, to the Major League Soccer All Stars Game and the National Hockey League Classic (huge outdoor professional hockey game)
  • Denver is Friendlier Than L.A.-We are a lot more chilled out than Los Angelenos. We still have crappy traffic, but as a tourist you won’t be commuting to work and can avoid dealing with that! We also have fewer people, and  no one will ask you if you’re in the film “business”
  • Good Food-Yes, we have really good food! Nope, not talking about burgers. I’m talking about restaurants that are ranked in the top rankings among American restaurants. It did take us a long time to get to this place but I promise you-you will eat well while you’re here. Make sure to check out in Denver Work and Class, Uncle, Sushi Den, Bones, Vesper, and Comida (located  at the Source) To name a few. In Boulder: Bramble and Hare, Basta, The Mediterranean (specifically the tapas), and Salt to name a few.
  • Live Music-While I have to concede that Austin, Texas is the “Live Music Capitol of the U.S.” Denver and other Colorado towns have a pretty nice live music scene. Usually these shows are pretty cheap too!
  • Kid Friendly-There are a lot of great activities for kids and I find Colorado to be a great place for kids in general. You shouldn’t have a hard time finding a lot to entertain your kiddos
  • Excellent Transportation-If you’re in the city center you will probably walk everywhere but we now have a well connected system of public transportation. You can take: bus, light rail, cabs, Uber, or Lyft anywhere you would like to go. And, obviously, you can rent a car as you need it pretty inexpensively.
  • Theater-Apparently we  have the 2nd largest theater complex in the United States and I believe this! I have had the opportunity to see some of the biggest shows on Broadway-in Denver (for less!) The Book of Mormon, Wicked, and Warhorse to name a few.
  • The People-We are a pretty chilled out state and the people are very welcoming. We would be super excited to meet you and you will find us typically very helpful and friendly if you ask us questions. We are pretty quick to chit chat with new people and are pretty easy going.

 Now, You Need To Visit Us And Discover All of the Other Amazing Things That We Have That I Didn’t Mention In This Post!

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