SQS008: How to Shop For Thrift and Vintage Clothes in Denver

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We are now closing in on the end of summer and the beginning of Fall. For those of us in colder climates, we are waking up to color mornings and digging through our closets to find a light sweater to keep the chill at bay.

SQS008: How to Thrift Shop For Vintage and Thrift Clothing

I randomly spied a rack of gorgeous clothes at a local arts fair. But, I was doing a no shopping challenge so I couldn’t buy anything. After raving about all of the gorgeous items I invited the owner of Thrifting Coups to talk to me

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Thrift Shopping

Isn’t for everyone. In fact, I used to get a little skeeved out when I thought about it. Buying clothes that other people have worn? Why…just why? Well, I’ll tell you why:

  • It’s cheaper!


  • Thrift shopping is a great way to be kind to the earth while getting your fashion on.


  • Other people have tried on the new clothes you just bought at your favorite retail store.


  • Vintage clothing rocks!



As defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (online version) ” a brilliant, sudden, and usually highly successful stroke or act She pulled off quite a coup when she snagged the usually reclusive author for an interview.


Show Notes:

  • Carlyn has been thrifting for a long time


  • She needed a good professional wardrobe but was broke in the beginning of her thrifting journey



  • 3 Tips for finding great thrift clothes
    • Shop on the edge of town or a slightly more rural area
    • Go at the beginning of the week
    • Say “no” to synthetic materials


  • Clothing Care Tips
    • Say “no” to the dryer


  • She shares her Frye Boots addiction (I have this one too!)


  • Carlyn shares the top three clothing pieces every woman should have


  • I point out that Denver has fashion challenges…She points out some of the positives



  • Takeaways:
    • Research classic styles
    • Search for savings opportunities
    • Most Saturdays are 50% off (double check)


  • Want to run an online store? Here are some lessons she’s learned:
    • How to deal with crazy people
    • Be realistic about what your life is like and what your wardrobe should look like.


Have your own style!


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