Sorry For The Delay and Rediscovering Denver!

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I originally thought of this site several years ago.  At that time, I was bogged down, depressed, and just trying to get my head above water. I was also about 6 1/2 years into what would end up being a ten year super commute.

As you could imagine something had to give, so I stopped working on this project and continued working on The Shop My Closet Project and I am glad that I did that.

The thing is, when you commute for as long as I did, you start to get out of the loop. At the end of last year I decided to quit my job, go to Hawaii and Australia to recharge my batteries and begin working for myself.  At the same time I launched this project and am so glad that I did. But, after being overseas, ending a long-term job, and just completely changing life I needed a little more time to get a feeling for how I want this project to manifest itself.

I’m sorry for the delay in new articles! I knew so many things about Denver, Boulder,  and Colorado, but things have changed so much that I am feeling like I’ve moved to a new city.


It has been a blast walking around town , discovering new places, watching winter, ease into spring, and getting a better feel for the pulse of the city.

As I wander around I am struck by the energy, the excitement, the innovation, and good food that is now here.

There are fabulous coffee shops, cool places to shop, and fun spins on old concepts. The people (for the most part) seem to be enjoying life and the lifestyle that you comes with living in a state like Colorado.

But, We Can Do Better

I want to be clear, there are things that I don’t like. I am concerned about affordable homes and the difficulty finding them, Denver (like most U.S. cities) has a visible homeless population and we are struggling to figure out the best way to manage it.

As the city of Denver gentrifies populations of color are moving to neighboring Aurora and leaving Denver, and there is a growing problem with graffiti that is driving me crazy. I do know that the Mayor of Denver has worked on this issue, but I think that there is more that can be done. I also am not in love with fracking and am keeping an eye on how fracking  and how it affects the environment.

Despite all of these concerns, I am so blessed to call Colorado home and I look forward to eventually raising my family here. So, I look forward to sharing a changing and growing Colorado with my readers,  and would also like to connect with people from all over the state to give a balanced and more comprehensive idea of what living in Colorado is all about.  I appreciate your patience and am excited to share my wonderful state with you!

Sorry For the Delay