Moving To Colorado? A Free Guide

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Colorado Luv Hub is actually my second blog. My first one is a personal finance and lifestyle site called The Shop My Closet Project (TSMCP). So, what does one have to do with the other?

I wrote a post on TSMCP about people wanting to move to Colorado  and not really understanding the full reality of what to expect. Some things that were in that post included the following:

  • It’s more expensive than you think
  • There IS an emphasis on living an active lifestyle
  • It’s challenging to find work

Things I didn’t mention:

  • Major industries in Colorado
  • Information on the different towns throughout the state
  • We don’t all smoke pot-but do support people’s right to have the freedom to do what they want.

I then began to notice after publishing that post that people were finding my blog post when searching to find out if it was good to move to Colorado without a job, money, or basically a plan.

In fact, that post is one of my most well read posts on TSMCP.

But, I began to get concerned by the sheer number of people who seemed to just want to float to Colorado and live the dream. Because we are living the dream. Before you embrace it there are some things you need to consider-so I wrote a short guide book and hopefully it will give you some guidance and food for thought before you take the leap.
It is a truly amazing time to live in Colorado and if you’re lucky enough to live here I know you will love it to!

Colorado Luv Hub’s Guide To Moving To Colorado

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