Giving in Colorado with Jen and Kane

Giving Back to Colorado One Facebook Post at a Time

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When COVID hit, we were shown the best and worst of human nature. We discovered people’s fears, denials, and belief systems. We also watched people crumble under the uncertainty and some rise up to the challenge of the moment that we’re currently living in. The following couple show what it looks like to live with purpose and to show up when other people won’t. With people like the following couple doing good in Denver, I know that we’re in good hands.

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Listen to the Show

Show Notes

  • I reflect on how amazing the following group is and the difference it’s making in people’s lives.
  • Things can’t get worse? Can they? Why, yes, they could.
  • Jen and Kane Lezecki
  • Jen is a Colorado Native from Lakewood. Kane is a native from Broomfield despite being born in NYC. A husband and wife duo.
  • I ask them what they like about Colorado.
  • We share our thoughts about Colorado’s growth.
  • Keeping what’s special about Colorado special
  • The traffic sucks.
  • Jen wanted to save the world. She intuited that COVID was coming.
  • She shares the genesis of the group. The lesson-trust your gut!
  • What the group has taught them about people’s needs.
  • I express my amazement at how helpful the group is. We talk about what people are now needing
    • Needing mental health resources
    • How do I get this and where?
    • People are still looking for toilet paper
  • This group is so humbling and we’re humbled by the community members
  • I ask about how they’re managing their well-being
  • How can the listeners help our fellow Coloradans?
    • I ask about the safety protocols they’re using to protect community members.
  • What’s the goal for the community?
  • I end the conversation asking what they think Colorado will be like after this crazy moment in time.