Denver Is Getting Sloppy

Denver, You’re Getting a Little Sloppy

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I went to high school in Denver and when I say that there are moments when I’m shocked by the city’s growth I’m serious. I remember cruising around town, seriously, like in the movies. Going to teen clubs after answering a ridiculous number of questions and leaving my friend’s parents’ information with my mom. I remember working in Tabor Center downtown when it still had a food court and shopping at 5-7-9. I remember how safe and clean Denver was. Then, it grew. In this episode I talk share my thoughts on Denver’s grow and how Denver and Colorado remind me of the fun aunt who’s always a little sloppy. You know, the one who takes you out for your first drink behind your parents’ back and always has slightly smudged lipstick. Denver, you’re getting a little sloppy it’s time for an intervention.

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Show Notes

  • Growth is always uncomfortable and in the case of Denver’s growth, I think it has caught a lot of long-term residents off-guard.
  • We were hicks and used to being considered fly over country.
  • People had no idea what was in Colorado other than mountains and skiing.
  • Then, the first waves of Californians and Texans looking for a nice place to live that cost less started moving in.
  • I’ll never forget being a little girl and meeting a lady from Texas who truly frightened me. She had a bouffant and blue-eye shadow. She was actually a nice lady but it was a lot to take in for a little kid used to Boulder hippies.
  • With the growth came more development, traffic, and those damn scooters.
  • Tagging became an extracurricular sport around town for some and the people who used to hangout and squat around town soon got overrun by an overwhelming number of homeless neighbors.
  • We legalized pot and even though things eventually calmed down, the first three years sucked. Seriously, they did.
  • In fact, even though it wasn’t a big deal to us that we embraced a number of progressive policies that sometimes even had me shaking my head in bemusement there was a point where I began to feel like we’d gotten a little sloppy.

What Is Lost in the Conversation about Colorado

  • I wish that there were more immediate conversations about the quality of life and how most residents love living here.
  • Or, that Colorado is consistently in the top 5 for healthiest Americans
  • But, sometimes it feels like anything goes here and people from other states have somehow gotten that memo not understanding that we do respect rules and regulations here in Colorado.
  • Yes, you can go topless as a woman in Colorado…but, that only happens a couple of times a year. Don’t take my word for it, check the law.
  • Yes, voters voted to decriminalized mushrooms in Denver. But, for medicinal purposes not just to do it. Check that law too!
  • Driving now involves constantly guessing what the other drivers are going to do because they’ve stopped signaling. Initially, I thought it was my imagination. Then, I started speaking with other drivers who confirmed that I wasn’t losing it. People had stopped using their signals.
  • All the freaking scooters. I’ll admit that I hate the scooters, I truly do. But, I hate the scooters because of what users have been doing.
    • Leaving their scooters in the middle of walkways that impede usage for wheelchair users, people with strollers, etc.
    • Zipping around in the street in giant scooter packs. I’ve only seen this in downtown Downtown Denver and I think that’s because of the GPS settings on the scooters.

So, with this list of sloppiness what’s the one thing that I wish would change ASAP. People, I need you to signal when driving. Seriously, I just need that one thing. I’m not psychic and if I was I would be making a ton of money reading fortunes. Denver, I love you even though you’re sloppy. Stay fun. Put your shirts back on.