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Where to Cowork in Denver: Alchemy Workspace

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If you live in Denver or are passing through and are looking for a place to work I have the space for you. Actually, I have several spaces that I love and will recommend and today’s post shares the first one: Alchemy Creative Workspace.

When I decided to take the leap and work for myself, I had romantic notions of working from home and just killing the digital game. In fact, I knew that I would be focused, on task, and productive every single day….from my home.

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In fact, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. I had a ridiculously difficult time working from home. I would look at the laundry that had to be done, the one or two dishes languishing in the sink, and then go insane with the dog upstairs would begin barking in a separation anxiety fit of rage.

There was a moment when I just had to be honest and acknowledge that what I was trying to do wasn’t working. Coffee shops didn’t work either. If I had a huge project that needed a quiet dedicated space to knock some work out from, Starbucks (too noisy depending on location), Thump (not enough outlets) or Nixon’s (fabulous coffee unhappy wifi). Finally, I broke down and decided to check out co-working spaces. The first time I worked from co-working spaces it didn’t work out (long-story).

This time I tried it again and I’m in love with co-working spaces and you will be too!


If you would like to date several spaces before committing to your final space, I recommend signing up for Deskpass. Deskpass works exactly like Classpass does (if you’re familiar with that service). There are different subscription levels that you can choose from which will allow you to visit different spaces that are signed up on the platform throughout the city of Denver. In fact, I will share a review of each space that I absolutely love on Square State.

Prices range from $49-$199 a month and the unused days roll over to the next month. This feature is one of my favorites. Finally, Deskpass hosts monthly events for members at different spaces throughout town. Deskpass is currently available in the following cities: Denver, L.A., NYC, Miami, Austin, and Chicago (and members can use their membership in whatever city they happen to be in at the time. Love.this.resource!

Alchemy Creative Workspace

Is located at 66 S. Logan Space. One of the defining characteristics of the space is how open and airy it is and how warm and welcoming the staff is. Ari and Chelsea are most members first point of contact. And, these two ladies are some of the warmest and most genuine people that I’ve met in a long time. In fact, I judge co-working spaces on how welcomed I feel in the space.

The permanent members who work out of Alchemy also are incredibly warm and friendly and they make it easy to imagine working from the space full-time.

Some of the amenities and perks include:

  • Beer


  • Get togethers


  • Dog friendly (there are several doggies for those of you who love pets)


  • Phone “booths” for those days when you need to take a call in private


  • Yoga located next door.


  • Restaurants are located across the street and it’s easy to get lunch delivered.


  • Programming


  • Great location for those of you in the Wash Park/West Wash Park area.

Basically, Alchemy Creative Workspace is a wonderful place to nurture and grow your business. And, one of the businesses housed there is a burrito business. And, sometimes members are called upon to do quality taste testing. Those are my favorite days! Free lunch.