What Isn't Working During COVID

What Isn’t Working in Colorado During COVID

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Last week I shared 9 changes in Colorado during COVID that I sincerely hope we keep after COVID is finally gone. I did forget to add one huge change that I’m loving which is that traffic has gotten better. It’s not as crazy now that so many people are working from home. In this episode I thought it was important to balance out the previous episode and share what isn’t working and what has to change moving forward. Winter is coming and I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get concerned about several festering issues that will become even worse if we don’t dealt with them now. In this episode I will share what is not working during COVID. Feel free to share what you’ve noticed too. By the way, I’m recording this episode from one of my favorite coffee shops because of course my internet isn’t working right now.

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Show Notes

Unhoused Coloradans

  • The problem is now out of control. It’s my personal view that everyone from politicians, to homeless advocates, and everyday citizens has failed this community. We can no longer accept this situation for so many reasons. I’m so frustrated with what’s going on that I’m looking to do a special season about this issue. Will keep you posted.

Lack of Conversations and Assistance for the Restaurant Industry

  • Last week I talked about the innovations and amazing new approaches that I’ve seen to the restaurant business model. However, the reality is that it has already snowed and we’re hurdling towards winter. Restaurants simply cannot be profitable at 50% capacity. It’s clear that the restaurant industry won’t be helped on the Federal level so I ask the following question: what can we do at the state level to help our local entrepreneurs have a fighting chance to stay in business?

Mask Litter

  • What’s the deal with all of the mask litter? I’m finding blue masks everywhere.

Litter and Tagging Everywhere

  • I will admit that this is an issue that has bothered me for awhile. But, it has gotten worse during COVID-especially in RINO. It almost feels like someone got bored and started tagging buildings for weeks. Also, the is trash everywhere. Literally, everywhere. I had an amazing time during Crush Walls wandering the area but I was honestly grossed out by all of the uncollected trash in areas that weren’t close to the dumpsters. Basically, the smaller trash cans and recycling bins were overflowing. Gross.

Our Local Level of Environmental Commitment

  • Given that this summer tied our hottest summer on record, things have to change. And, Denver being one of the worse cities around for recycling is disappointing. We need to get a lot more serious about the environment and after choking for weeks on smoke and crappy air quality I think it’s an easy issue to get behind. Remember, if we have no snow or rain we don’t have ski seasons or water for crops. And, for those of you who bitch about it snowing in Colorado-if you don’t understand the correlation between snow and no fires, snow and ski resort tourism dollars, snow and water to irrigate and fight fires with-you’re living in the wrong state.

Managing Our Community Members’ Mental Health

  • To be honest, I think the state and local jurisdictions have done a pretty solid job acknowledging that mental health is an ongoing issue in our state. I’ve added this issue to this list to make sure that we continue thinking about it and continue focusing on solutions related to mental health issues in our state. Sadly, suicide continues to be a huge issue in Colorado.

My Colorado App

  • There is so much coming at us that sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming. I wish that the My Colorado App was given more publicity and that the website for the app was streamlined. I would like it to be as normal to use as the All Trails App.

Texans-Out of State Visitors

I’ve loss track of the number of locals who’ve complained about Texans and other out-of-town visitors to our state. In an earlier episode I mentioned that if you’re going to visit you need to follow our rules. It’s not our fault that you don’t have as many great public lands to access as we do. The biggest complaints have been specific to people bringing stank ass attitudes to our state and lack of compliance with our regulations. If you don’t like how we do things, don’t come here and got to Tennessee instead.