What is Denvers Weather

The Truth About Denver, Colorado’s Weather

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One of my favorite activities on Twitter is trolling my friends and followers with Denver’s weather. As they shovel out of massive amounts of endless snow, slip on black ice and shiver in humid cold I continue to enjoy cups of coffee and yummy burritos from my favorite patios across the city. Now, I do want to make it clear, I’m terrified of the obvious changes to Colorado’s weather as global warming’s impact continues to be felt.

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But, even before global warming Coloradan’s knew that our weather was misunderstood and that most people were under a misconception about it. I’m going to spill the beans and for the locals listening to this episode who are freaking about this-don’t worry, no one will believe me. How do I know? From experience.

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Show Notes

I grew up in Colorado and when it was time for college, like most kids, I decided to go as far as I possibly could. I needed a change. So, I found myself in upstate New York freezing my ass off. I’d never experienced the bitting sting of lake affect snow, I got frostbite on one of my ears after being outside for 10 minutes and I learned pretty quickly that everyone thought that I was used to this kind of weather because I was from Colorado.

I was baffled by this as were the other 4 freshmen who had come from my high school with me. The weather and lack of sunshine was so bad that every week when I spoke with my mom I would tell her that I was depressed. By the time I graduated 3 out of the 5 of us had transferred back to schools in Colorado or other warmer states because we were in weather hell.

Here’s the thing Denver’s winters are fairly mild. Yes, we typically get 2-4 good snowstorms a year (especially when I was younger) but, that’s happening with decreasing frequency.

When the storms do hit, they’re glorious! There’s nothing like a beautiful winter storm making its way through Denver and the surrounding towns. You’ll often hear people say “We need the moisture.”

Then, once the storm ends within about a week the bulk of the snow has melted and is gone and wait until the next storm arrives-hopefully, sooner rather than later.

I finally figured out why so many people outside of Denver have the wrong ideas about the weather and where the city is located in relation to the mountains.

  • Weathercasters love to FREAK OUT when it snows in Colorado as if it’s a shocking occurrence. We’re known for skiing and send the most Olympians to the winter Olympics than any other state.
  • Whenever the weather is reported there’s a weirdly tight shot of Denver that is seen in other states that give folks the idea that Denver is somehow at the base of the mountains…it’s not.
  • There’s very little humidity here. We don’t get that humid cold that chills the bones.

Unfortunately, we also don’t get a lot of rain. In fact, there was a point during the summer of 2021 when I couldn’t figure out what the strange sound was outside of my house. It was rain, but it hadn’t rained in so long that I couldn’t place the sound.

So, yes, I spilled the tea on our fabulous weather. But, real talk, no one is going to believe me if they’re convinced that I’m wrong and they’re right. Even though I grew up here and they didn’t. I will continue to troll people from patios all year long.