Visiting Denver this Winter? Let’s Talk!

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If you’ve never visited Denver don’t let a little snow keep you from checking out our beautiful city. But, please note that winter travel to Colorado does present some special consideration for the would-be traveler.

But, first, let’s talk about what the heck you would do in Denver during a winter visit? There are too many activities to count. I absolutely love winter in Colorado. Besides the fact that it’s absolutely stunning, snow gives an extra dimension to the types of activities that we can enjoy during the winter months.

The weather is not as bad as people perceive it to be. In fact, when I went to college out east I was completely confused by all of the people thinking that it’s snowing all the time and dreary.

It’s not.

Yes, it snows. Probably not as much as before because the weather has changed and it’s warmer a lot further into fall. The snow melts fast so we may get dumped on, then a couple of days later-it’s melted away. By the way, we have a ridiculous amount of sunshine. In fact, it’s said that we have more sun that San Diego and I believe it because I was in San Diego for 2 weeks this fall and it was not that sunny. By the way, we love snow 🙂

White Gold

That’s what snow is referred to in states that have mountains. Snow represents water in the warmer months, skiing during winter, and rafting spring-fall. We embrace snowshoeing or just wandering around mountains in warmer gear for a nice hike. Basically, snow doesn’t keep us from having a great time outdoors.

If you’re specifically wandering around Denver for the majority of your visit there are a ton of activities that you can enjoy. Let’s talk:

  • Explore the neighborhoods because there are a ton of cool neighborhoods. Don’t believe me? Here’s a list:
    • RINO
    • 5 Points…Which RINO kind of ate.
    • LOHI
    • 32nd and Lowell
    • Wash Park
    • Baker
    • The Golden Triangle
    • City Park
    • Olde Town Arvada
    • Olde Town Littleton
    • Capitol Hill
    • Congress Park
    • Stapelton

What to Do?

There are a number of fun activities to enjoy while you’re in Denver. These activities are pretty affordable, fun, and easy to get to from downtown.

  • Please spend only 2 hours exploring  the 16th Street Mall. There are a number of other places to check out.
  • Lunch on Larimer Square.
  • Check out a Denver Nuggets game-tickets are super affordable because they kind of are a hot mess. But, live basketball is always fun!
  • Check out the Colorado Avalanche-Same as the Denver Nuggets, except hockey! They’re a bit of a hot mess too but is a fun night out.
  • Have drinks while having outside on the patio (overhead heaters).
  • Prefer art? Totally understand-Check out the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. It has a giant heart with a dagger piercing it and blood dripping down. Makes for great pictures.
  • Day trip to Boulder. Love my hometown. It’s very beautiful and a wonderful place to visit for the day.
  • Go for drinks at Union Station. I love this place! They’ve done an amazing job with the remodel and it’s just a great place to meet friends (new and old) and have a great time.
  • Enjoy the theater? The Denver Center for the Performing Arts is apparently the 2nd largest performing arts complex in the U.S. I’ve had the good fortune to see the following shows there: The Color Purple, The Lion King, The Book of Mormon, The Blue Man Group, and more!
  • Eat phenomenal food. I never thought that this would happen in my life. but there is an amazing food scene in Denver/Boulder and beyond. I typically only eat at locally run restaurants. Here is a list of either favorites or ones that I would like to check out soon! Latigo Denver, Uncle, Linger (great view), Stowaway, Mercantile and Provision, Sushi Den, Pho-Natic, Vert Kitchen, Stueben’s, Honor Society, Root Down (brunch), The Denver Central Market, The Source, and Avanti Food and Beverage.
  • Explore the town via foot, bike, or whichever way you feel like checking out town.
  • Check out the Murals. Ok, there are a RIDICULOUS number of beautiful murals in Denver. The highest concentration of these murals is in the RINO district. But, you can find them throughout Denver. I absolutely love them!

Lyft Credit!

It’s pretty easy to get around and I’ve included my affiliate link for Lyft including $50 in credit towards your rides! How it works, I believe you should receive a $5 credit for your first 10 rides.  affiliate link for Lyft including $50 in credit towards your rides! How it works, I believe you should receive a $5 credit for your first 10 rides.

You’re not in Denver right now but would like to try out Lyft? That credit is good for first-timetime users of the app! Just download it from Play Store on Android or Apple and then check out your town safely.

I’ve had a pretty good experience with Lyft but like with anything (including taxis) if you have a bad feeling about the driver-do not get in the car and forward your concerns to the company/police if you feel the situation warrants it. 

Get Your Free Denver Travel Guide!

Need some more information or just need to a guide to help you plan your trip? Download your free-guide to visiting Denver during the winter: Denver Gives Winter Luv today!

I share:

  • Neighborhoods and what to do.
  • Safety concerns and downtown Denver
  • Thoughts on the A-Line train (Train from the Plane) between Denver’s Union Station and Denver International Airport.
  • We talk Altitude Sickness
  • Where to eat.
  • Basic tips.




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