It Snows in Denver

Psst, It Snows in Denver

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You know that time it was supposed to snow 1-3 inches in Denver and then it snowed relentlessly for the entire day. That was last Friday, but I want to bring up something that seems to be happening with more frequency each year-people being shocked when it snows in Denver. We need to talk because this topic has been weighing on my mind for awhile now and it’s time to get things off my chest.

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Show Notes

  • I’m going to be honest and say that I’m completely baffled by the people who move to Colorado willingly and hate snow. Now, I get that the weather has changed, that it doesn’t snow like it did when I was a kid but…it snows in Denver.
  • Unless your job forced you to move to Colorado, or you have family that you are helping out or would like to live close to, there’s no reason for you to live here and suffer when there are 49 other states in the US. I’ve even visited 45 of them.
  • If I hear “Denver would be perfect if it didn’t snow” one more time, I will pull my hair out. You know what would be perfect, for you to move because we have more than enough people who are happy to be here.
  • They understand what they’ve signed up for:
    • Crazy snow
    • Cold in June
    • Hiking
    • Pot jokes

But, in all seriousness, I need you to understand why snow is such an important part of the Colorado experience.

  • We need snow to fight off droughts in throughout the year
  • For watering our crops, agriculture being one of the largest industries in the state.
  • Snow is a huge part of our winter tourism season because without snow there’s no ski tourism.
  • The largest number of winter olympians from the US come from Steamboat Springs, CO

What About those Snow Days?

I will be honest and say that I’m endlessly amused by the how quickly the City/Universities/and schools call in snow days. I used to talk about how when I was little it would take 20+ inches of snow to close things down.

For realz.

But, I’ve reconsidered my stance on snow days recently and while I still think Coloradans have gotten a whimpy when it comes to dealing with snow here are some things that other people have brought to my attention that are absolutely relevant.

  • We have TONS more people living in the state. Seriously, it feels like the population has freaking tripled since I was a kid.
  • People are horrible drivers here. They really are. They suck.
  • We’re not used to driving in snow in Denver. We just don’t get snow as often as we used to.

If you don’t like snow…you’ve got to go.

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