The Denver Flea

Denver Flea: A Killer Flea Market Concept

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I had heard of the Denver Flea, but always seemed to miss it. I couldn’t figure out why. Doesn’t the market happen every Saturday or at least once a month? This time I made a point of getting the Denver Flea and I’m glad that I did. It was pretty awesome and I figured out why I kept missing it!

What is the Denver Flea?

The Denver Flea is a quarterly flea market that is held in super cool places, celebrates local creative and artisan culture, and has great drinks and food.

I really had no idea what to expect on the way there and stopped to have a great conversation about Colorado with a lovely couple from the midwest/out east who was in Denver for a job interview. Good Luck!

As I continued on, I started to notice waves of people walking towards the same place. The former Book Bindery of Denver. A massive space of brick walls, bright light in some rooms, and sparkly slightly dusty light in others illuminated by the giant globes that they used to illuminate the space.

All types of people were streaming into the building and it amazed me to see all of the people who knew about this event. I should also add-there were a lot of hipsters. But they’re nice so don’t be afraid.

As I walked into the cavernous space I was amazed at the number of people, the local vendors creating amazing local products ranging from: liquor, ties, jewelry, and flasks. There were bands and a lot of booze. Including a free beer that I didn’t redeem my coupon for since I’m not a beer drinker.

As I continued to walk through the market I was struck anew by the energy, enthusiasm, and the love for a things Colorado. I did get a chance to ask a lot of the artisans such as:  if they were from here (almost all of them said “no”) what inspired them to start their business, and other random questions that came up.  There are a ton of transplants in Colorado  but does it even matter? It’s obvious that many of these wonderful entrepreneurs felt that Colorado was their forever home.

Summer Is Coming

I can’t wait for the Denver Flea which will be held outside during the heart of summer. It is amazing to me that had considered moving to New York City at one time and now it seems like I meet a New Yorker or a Californian every other day. I used to be frustrated when I was younger that there was nothing to do in Denver. And, I was right to a certain degree. When I was younger Denver (and the state of Colorado) was legitimately a cow-town and cow-state. We’ve grown up now and can truly compete with other world-class locations.  I’m so glad that I’ve had the opportunity to explore other places and truly decide that staying in Denver would be the right thing for me.

Hope to see you at the next Denver Flea!

CLICK on the following link for more information: DENVER FLEA