The High Altitude-What To Consider

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5280 Feet

Denver is one mile above sea level. Boulder is a little higher. And once you go up in to the mountains obviously the altitude goes up from there. Being aware, and preparing for the higher altitude should be a part of your trip.

One of the biggest things that I noticed in working with international clientele and U.S. travelers is a complete lack of understanding of the importance of being prepared for the altitude. There is less oxygen the higher in altitude that you go. Your body may or may not be affected by that change in  altitude.

It’s No Joke

If you are from a lower altitude city, have asthma, smoke, are a little overweight (aren’t we all?!) pregnant…basically, my point is you should speak with your doctor about how to prepare and manage the higher altitude. It may feel a little silly, but at most it will be a 5-7 minute conversation unless there are health concerns that your doctor would like to discuss with you.

1609.3 Meters

If you’re going hiking in the backcountry, biking, running, or preparing for some type of race here. Again, please speak with your doctor about altitude sickness.

Most people are usually ok. But, I’ve seen people really struggle the first couple of days upon arrival. Especially if they fly in directly into Denver International Airport and then go straight up to the mountains.

The High Altitude

The last time that my friends came over for a ski trip and went directly from the airport to the mountains, we ended up going to an oxygen bar so that they could replenish their levels. I’m not saying that oxygen bars work, but they did seem to feel better later.

But, I would prefer that you take some time to research and avoid the possibility of getting sick before you visit us.

Take Care of Yourselves! 

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