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Whenever you’re moving to a new state or a different part of the same state it’s nice to have some resources to help make the move a little smoother. This is my Colorado Resource Guide list of resources that you may not have known about or thought of needing here in Colorado. Here are some resources that may make your move to Colorado/Denver/Boulder metro area a lot smoother! I will continue updating this list as I come across more information.

Colorado Resource Guide

  • Looking for Jobs-Check out my post on all things jobs. I plan on updating the post monthly.
  • Looking for Tech Jobs? Sign up with and get in front of more opportunities faster!
  • Looking for sharing economy opportunities? Sign up for AirBnB and host your first guests soon! Please take the time to research what makes a good AirBnB host before opening up your home. Denver still needs more AirBnB hosts connect with that earning opportunity today! Also, when you sign up via my affiliate link you will receive $35 off your first AirBnB stay. 
  • Sharing economy jobs (continued)-Do you like to drive? Lyft and Uber are both desperately seeking drivers! Click on the Uber ad below to sign up as a new driver.

  • Connect for Health Colorado-This is the portal to sign up for health insurance in the state of Colorado. Please note: if you plan on moving to the mountains you may experience much higher rates for coverage. The portal is VERY easy to navigate and like with everything-spend your time looking closely at all of your options.
  • Need a Realtor? I have an amazing realtor who worked with both myself and my mom when we made our home purchases. Her name is Kari Lundberg and she works with Porchlight Realty. Kari is always listed as one of the top realtors in Denver and weirdly enough was best friends with a girl that I was a cheerleader with in high school. So, it’s highly likely that we met a billion years ago in high school. I will always work with her when purchasing property in Colorado. Period. I recommend her highly. Please DO NOT waste her time. She’s super busy. And, yes, I told her that I would share her information on my website. Link to her information.
  • Free Skiing for Kids-Kids ages kindergarten through 5th grade have the opportunity to learn how to ski for free through the Epic Schoolkids Program. It may be too late to sign up but I’m including the information…just in case!

The Colorado Resource Guide list will be updated often and I will include resources throughout the state.