Trinity Hindman-The Sophisticate’s Tea: Square State 4

I am the person who loves tea and coffee equally. In fact, you’ll probably find that I will share a ridiculous number of coffee shop reviews on this website. So, when I’m wandering around town I’m always on the lookout for a great tea or coffee product.

This summer I was walking on the 16th Street Mall (doesn’t happen often) when I noticed a cute little tea cart next to a taco cart. I wasn’t hungry, but I was thirsty, so I decided to buy some tea.

The Sophisticate’s Tea

Is delicious! I ended up having an awesome conversation with Trinity while we warded off an awkwardly scary guy in torn tights from bothering us.

The following conversation is a great one to share with people who are trying to grow something great. Whether it’s a brick and mortar business or something online.

Trinity shared a lot of wisdom and I look forward to continuing to support The Sophisticate’s Tea.

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