Cool Places

I’m used to people having weird ideas about Colorado if they’ve never had the opportunity to visit before. There is this idea that there are only cowboys, horses, mountains, and snow. And, even though there is some truth to that statement, the reality is that there are a TON of really cool places in Colorado and that it would take a lifetime to explore them. My goal is to add to this list as I discover more cool places that I’ve never heard of before.

Cool Places

  • Casa Bonita-for pure kitsch. You don’t go there for the food, you go for the atmosphere and the indoor cliff diving! Yep, they have cliff divers and are currently hiring.
  • Rocky Mountain National Park-I can’t get enough of this place. It takes my breath away.
  • Hot Sulphur Springs-Smells like the Bog of Eternal Stench from Labrynth but it’s a great place to soak away a day of hiking next to Lake Granby
  • Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve-Awe inspiring. Bet you didn’t know we had sand dunes?
  • RINO-This neighborhood in Denver is my favorite after the neighborhood that I live in. I feel like RINO more than any other place in Denver represents the energy, innovation, and fun that we are experiencing living in Denver. I love walking around, checking out the murals to see which ones have changed. Love this area of Denver that still remains a bit gritty because of its proximity some homeless shelters, and places that just won’t be gentrified. But, it’s also an example of how much Denver has been gentrified.
  • Chautauqua Park (Boulder)-Boulder drives me crazy sometimes but what never drives me crazy is a great hike in Chautauqua and a nice happy hour. Love it.Β 
  • US 36 Bike Path-I am mildly obsessed with this bike path. You can literally ride your bike from Westminster to Boulder along the highway (no, you are not close to the highway). It’s awesome and I love it.

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