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Are you planning to move to Colorado and have already had a chance to check out my Free Guide to Moving to Colorado? Need information about:

  • Specific cities
  • Cost of living
  • Best school districts
  • Colorado life
  • Do you really need a Jeep?
  • Religious life
  • Biggest employers and Industries in the state
  • The  Infamous Pot Law
  • Being a Person of Color in Colorado
  • GLBT Life
  • Millennial/GenXer/Boomer Life
  • Kids in Colorado
  • Education for Kids in Colorado

Why Buy This Guide?

My goal is to share an honest portrait of the state that I’ve called home for most of my life. My hope is to help give you a better idea of the different cities around the state, tax rates, and the reality of actually living here versus visiting here.

Also, to help streamline your information gathering process and save you time so that you can focus on: finding a job, finding housing, visiting the state and getting an idea of where you would like to live. I love this state and know you will too!

5280 for life,


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