All About Frozen Dead Guy Days

I’ve known about Grandpa for awhile. You know, the Grandpa who left this mortal coil and was placed on ice in a Tuff shed in Nederland. Wait, you don’t know about this? Well, let me tell you about it. There is a nice Scandinavian grandpa frozen in a Tuff shed in Nederland. Seriously.

Over time (and perhaps over a drunk or stoned conversation) a fabulous celebration sprung forth=Frozen Dead Guy Days. It is a three-day celebration of… a dead guy in a Tuff Shed because-why not?

There is a pancake breakfast, live music, and my favorite: the coffin races! There is also a parade, costumes, and hearses. It’s a tongue in check celebration of an awkwardly funny death story that has reached mythical status.

There is also the frozen turkey bowling event and a Grandpa look-alike competition.

Frozen Dead Guy days is quite frankly that excuse that everyone needs to party after a long-hard winter season (even though this year has been super mild).

If you’re thinking about attending it’s super affordable you can pay $10 for access to all of the music tents but there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Preparing for Frozen Dead Guy Days:

  • Wear boots because it’s usually pretty muddy or snowy (mud season has been starting earlier)
  • Wear layers and a jacket that can tie around your waist because sometimes it gets really warm but it can get windy.
  • I would bring at least around $50 in cash because you will: need gas to go to Nederland, buy some beers (don’t forget your designated driver), eat and miscellaneous items.
  • It is a higher elevation don’t forget to hydrate prior to going.

The atmosphere is super chill, very family friendly, and a lot of fun. It is Colorado so there will be people who have enjoyed the ganja.

If you don’t feel like driving to Nederland, you can park at the Boulder Transit Station parking garage and take the N bus to Nederland. This is nice because you can have a beer and leave the driving to someone else.

Colorado has a number of festivals that you may not of heard of-have you heard of the Ski Joring Festival in Leadville? Well, you’ve just missed it LOL! Will share that in another post at another time.

Local festivals are a great way to celebrate small town Colorado. Fortunately for us, there are several really cool festivals coming up this Spring.


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